House of Tiffany

House of Tiffany is a place that will house many artists from videographers, beauty curators and designers to performers, musicians and producers. It will be a platform to showcase many forms of art and a good point for collaboration. Tiffany herself is a creative with a strong many talents.

At the core, Tiffany reveres the feminine figure, confidence is a must and an emphasis on originality. Conventions are thrown out the window and the focus of originality extends to the Tiffany audience. Each garment is crafted for the individual and Tiffany parts a bit of herself so everyone can experience what it's like to be a showstopper.


This is Tiffany's chance to step up and showcase her talents. Tiffany Twisted is a drag queen well known for designing her own outfits with her trademark feminine look. Project Fashion Wellington is supporting Tiffany. We are channelling Tiffany's passion for all things fashion, creative and originality so House of Tiffany becomes the platform Tiffany expects it to be.