Mathew Baitson

Botched by Beth
Photography - Bex Mc Gill 
Model - Jessy Lewis   2019
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Matthew Baitson was born in Manchester and raised in Raglan. Leaving his beachside paradise to chase his fashionable dreams, Mr Baitson moved to Wellington in 2015.  Entering NZ Fashion Tech, to hone his skills with a specific aesthetic in mind, Matthew describes his collection as relaxed. Each piece contains variables as to styling, making this collection unique, as the garments are able to be worn in various ways, due to an ingenious strap system sewn into these garments.


At 23, this designer is a real powerhouse. Whilst following his passion on top of a full-time job at Egmont Street Eatery, Matthew also performs drag under the name Just-Beth at the Ivy Bar. Incorporating his love for all things Diva, this Designer is musically inspired by Amy Winehouse and Adele, and his ultimate client would be the inimitable Lady Gaga.  


Since completing Project Fashion, Matty continues to be fabulous! She still creates garments for all the Queens of Wellington.


Insta @botchedbybeth