Yoon Jung Suh

Model : Sjaan Hopman | Photography - Jo Mohi          
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Aria is a melodious original from opera and uses all musical means of expression.  It is not a complete song in the opera itself but it plays a quirky and decorative role - so is the Aria embodiment.  It means being original, decorative, and It is she who completes the ensemble.  Celebrations are a big part of the Aria vision.  No occasion is too dolce or forte.  The details make each garment a masterpiece.  

Project Fashion Wellington could not pass up brining Aria on board.  Having been a professional, independent dressmaker in South Korea, Yoon finds herself in New Zealand with her husband.  Her skills and craftsmanship sets the standard and the opportunity to compose Aria into a dynamic brand will see Yoon succeed in a new environment.

Insta- @yoon_dress